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    Swedish Massage

    So called after the Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who pioneered this type of massage at the University of Stockholm. The movements he extolled for the therapists became known as “the Swedish Movement Cure” by the time they reached the USA in 1858. It’s now the best known type of massage in the west and the most commonly used for 1st timers and regular users.
    Our Swedish massages aren’t the deep tissue style. After applying massage oil we use light, firm and stimulating strokes to warm up the muscle tissue and release tension that ultimately melts away all the little (or big) knots that can build up in and around the muscles, promoting total relaxation.

    Before the massage we like to find out any area of tightness or pain, allergies, and conditions (like pregnancy) that will enable us to tailor your massage to your needs, also if you prefer  a light touch or firm pressure, your wish is our command.

    Our regular clients who live on St Martin/St Maarten and St Barts have told us that their weekly or monthly massages keep them ready to face the world and are constantly recommending us to friends and family on SXM.

    We visit you anywhere on Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, so there is no need for you to have the stress of the road before or after the massage. We can come to your home, hotel, vacation resort, yacht (on anchor or at port) or arrange to meet you on one of the beaches anywhere on sxm.

    We look forward to meeting you………….where ever that may be!


    YACHT $180/HOUR
    HOTEL $85/HOUR
    VILLA $110/HOUR
    BEACH $80/HOUR